Double Bass, Violoncello, Viola da Gamba

Wide Repertoire as a Soloist, from Renaissance Music to Avant Garde, in Duo with Piano or Soloist with Orchestra



Nino Rotas Divertimento Concertante, with arboner symphonieorchester




“Klangschaften” Sound Textures: Cello, Basses & Electronics



Soon available Recordings:

“Baroque Soul” works by Eccles, Handel, Vivaldi, Corelli, Bach

“Classical Manners” works by Sperger, Dragonetti, Mozart, Beethoven

“Romantic Heart” Works by Schubert, Misek, Simandl

“My Bottesini Alter Ego” works by Bottesini, Rossi

“Modern Fingers” works by Findeisen, Proto, Jongen

“Tango Blood” works by Piazzolla, Obieta, Gardel, de Caro

“From the Bottom” Sound Textures and Improvisations. Bass, Cello and electronics



Conductor / Dirigent

Repertoire ranging from Baroque to Avant Garde;  Concertant and Stage Music.


Orchester der Universität St. Gallen


Senioren Orchester St. Gallen

Chamber Music /Kammermusiker

Ensemble Settecento





Sur – Tango Quintet
with Eduardo García – Bandoneon, Alexander Swete – Guitar, Aris Kapagiannidis – Violin, Laurenz Vanorek – Violoncello, F. Obieta – Double Bass and Directions

Barrio de Tango (Sextett)

with Eduardo García – Bandoneon, Alexander Swete – Guitar, Aris Kapagiannidis – Violin, Greg Gates – Violin, Laurenz Vanorek – Violoncello, Ivan Galluzzi – Clarinets, Enrico Cerpelloni – Horn,  F. Obieta – Double Bass and Directions

Maldito Tango (Quintet)
with Daniel Bosshard – Bandoneon, Johanna Pfister & Regula Litschig, Violins, Gisela Keel – Piano, F. Obieta – Double Bass, Arrangements and Suggestions

Urban Tango Experience – The core of this project is a duo: Eduardo García, Bandoneón and Francisco Obieta, Violoncello and Electronics; with many possible invited musicians to join.


Men at Work – a core of a duo: Ernst Brunner, Percussion all sorts, and Francisco Obieta, Violoncello, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Double Bass and Electronics. A open project for collaboration with different musicians in a wide array of musical styles.

Past Projects

“Die Schwarze Spinne”
mit Hans Rudolf Spühler
über Texte von Jeremias Gotthelf

Neu Original Appenzeller Streichmusik Projekt
zwischen den Jahren 1999 und
2003, als wegweisender Idee
für einen Volksmusik für das
neue Jahrtausend